Instead of repeating or rewriting The Saint and Leslie Charteris by W.O.G. Lofts and Derek Adley, or trying to¬†summarize¬†Burl Barer’s The Saint: A Complete History or even, perhaps, giving away the best bits of a forthcoming Leslie Charteris biography, we thought that for a section dedicated to the life and times of Leslie Charteris the best thing we could do would be to turn to the man himself. What follows are some selected quotes from Leslie Charteris and keep checking this page, for you never know when you might learn some more about the life and times of Leslie Charteris.

On the origin of the Saint….
“Who knows where an idea comes from? The Saint was just originally a character who came to life in my head not so long after I started writing, but he was not the first character I thought of. He was, as a matter of fact, the fifth. I went on and created two or three other characters, each of them in an individual book. And then I suppose I got lazy, or I got the idea that it was better to continue and build up one character than to spread yourself around among a dozen. I looked back over the characters I had created so far and picked the Saint, liked him the best, and decided to go on with him.”