1st April 2020
2004-Muir-Sutherland-_resized240x150Sadly we missed the passing of Muir Sutherland who died on December 23rd last year at the age of 86. Muir was instrumental in ensuring one of the later chapters of the Saint’s TV career.

He began his TV career in 1963 as a programme planner at Border Television, moving on to become Programme Coordinator at ATV and then at the newly established Thames Television in 1968.

He eventually rose to become Chief Executive of Thames’ Programme Sales - subsequently known as Thames Television International and later Programme Director. He left Thames and in 1986 set up his own company Celtic Films in 1986.

It was Muir who had the idea to reinvent the Saint in the 1980s. He took it to Don Taffner and the rest is a couple of slices of 1980s TV history.
On a more personal note he was very generous with his time when we went to talk to him about the Saint, a lovely, charming fellow and we only wish we’d had time to talk more.
9th November 2019
saint i aintPublished on December 13th and available for pre-order now, the biography of Leslie Charteris.
19th November 2017
93546 Sherlock Holmes front coverReleased on 24th November is this collection of twelve Sherlock Holmes scripts written by Leslie Charteris and Denis Green.

In 1944 Leslie was hired to help write the long running radio show, The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which starred Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. For nine months he and his friend Denis Green wrote for the weekly show and this is the first collection of scripts from that period. None of the shows have survived so this is a unique opportunity to discover what happened when the creator of the Saint wrote for Sherlock Holmes.

Available from Amazon and Radio Spirits.
10th August 2017
adam_graphicYou can watch The Saint on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon UK.
28th June 2017
200 The Saint.jpg-for-web-large

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, have confirmed that The Saint, starring Adam Rayner, Eliza Dushku, Sir Roger Moore and Ian Ogilvy will be getting a digital HD/VOD release on July 11th this year.

This is the long awaited TV movie version of the TV pilot that was originally shot back in 2013.

No word, as yet, on a DVD release.
12th April 2017
ogilvy_stealFormer Saint Ian Ogilvy's new film, We Still Steal the Old Way, is available on DVD and Blu-Ray from April 17th.

The old school Archer gang are back, led by the charismatic Richie Archer, who hatches a plan to pull off an audacious robbery. Halfway through the heist, the gang get caught, and they’re sent down. So far, so good - now they’re in prison they can put into motion their plot to spring fellow inmate George, who desperately needs to get out before his wife dies. Trouble arises when Richie’s arch enemy Vic Farrow gets himself transferred into the prison, wanting to settle some old scores

Crime films don’t come with a much better pedigree than WE STILL STEAL THE OLD WAY, a follow up to the hit thriller We Still Kill The Old Way, one of the bestselling indie DVD releases of 2014. Slickly directed by the first film’s Sacha Bennett (Bonded by Blood), and produced by one man film industry Jonathan
Sothcott (Vendetta), WE STILL STEAL THE OLD WAY harks back to classic Brit crime capers like Perfect Friday and Robbery,but brought bang up to date by drawing its inspiration from the audacious 2015 Hatton Garden jewellry heist, and taking a timely jab at banking bigwigs.

The formidable cast includes the effortlessly charismatic Ian Ogilvy (The Saint, Witchfinder General) as Mark Twain-quoting criminal mastermind Richie Archer, and a whole host of familiar faces including Julian Glover (the Bond supervillain in For Your Eyes Only, here playing a beastly banker); Chris Ellison (Burnside from The Bill); Deborah Moore (Die Another Day, Chaplin);
Patrick Bergin (Sleeping With The Enemy, Patriot Games); Tanya Franks (Broadchurch); Vaz Blackwood (Creep); and the great Billy Murray (Rise of the Footsoldier, EastEnders), giving a scene stealing, swaggering performance as Richie’s truly nasty nemesis Vic Farrow.

For those who haven't pre-ordered the DVD you'll be able to win a copy from The Saint Club. Details on how shortly...
21st March 2017
The Transdiffusion Broadcasting System have published a nice piece on the TV Saint here
5th March 2017
C6B63NjXMAACqOlThis still from Quentin Tarantino's 2009 film Inglourious Basterds pops up from time to time on the various net searches that we do. We've only just noticed--late to the party as always--that there's a certain stick figure missing from the cover...This is what the genuine cover looks like: charteris-leslie-le-saint-a-new-york-les-aventures-du-saint-n-1-livre-ancien-875797894_ML
3rd February 2017
21455Fans of Simon Templar might be interestes in this new book by author Ian Dickerson. Who is the Falcon? is a comprehensive history of The Falcon, the fabulous private eye who was always ready with a hand for oppressed men, and an eye for repressed women and who owes his print and film career to a certain Mr Templar. You can order the book directly from the publisher or from Amazon.
3rd February 2017
BBC Radio 4 Extra are rerunning for the umpteenth time the three adaptations produced for BBC Radio 4 in 1995. You can listen to them online for a while here
19th January 2017
29.thumbWhilst our poetical tastes run more to the adventures of Charles Charleston Charlemagne St Charles the latest issue of Arete magazine is rather interesting. It features a 74 page narrative poem entitled Minding the Halo as well as an interview with the poet Philip Hancock. If you've ever watched Return of the Saint than you'll discover that Philip has captured the imagery of the time perfectly.
28th August 2016
The Saint On The Radio 150115 ebook PURVIEW-page-001If you're looking for something to read we recommend this volume which can be purchased from Amazon or directly from Radio Spirits
24th August 2016
51KtMqtBAQL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_Brilliance Audio will complete their release of forty-nine Saint audio books on September 20th as The Saint Abroad, The Saint and the Fiction Makers, The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace, The Saint and the People Importers, The Saint in Pursuit, The Saint in the Sun, The Saint on TV, The Saint Returns and Vendetta for the Saint all get released on MP3 CD.
23rd April 2016
Brilliance Audio continue their release of the audiobooks on MP3 CDs with The Saint in Europe on May 31st we are reliably informed.
16th April 2016

Music Box Records in France have recently released a soundtrack CD for the 1980s series of The Saint which starred Simon Dutton. it’s a long overdue release of music composed by Serge Franklin from ‘The Brazilian Connection’, ‘The Blue Dulac’, and ‘The Big Bang’–as the accompanying booklet explains tapes for ‘The Software Murders’ couldn’t be located and ‘Fear in Fun Park’ and ‘Wrong Number’ had music composed by others. Were it not for the curious but effective use of the 1960s logo to promote the 1980s show, plus some painful errors in the sleeve notes, this would be an almost perfect release. You can order it directly from Music Box here, or if you’re in the USA order it here

16th April 2016

There’s a nice article about the Saint by our friend Dick Lochte on the Mystery Scene web site. You can read it here