The Saint Club

“And so, my friends, dear bookworms, most noble fellow drinkers, frustrated burglars, affronted policemen, upright citizens with furled umbrellas and secret buccaneering dreams–that seems to be very nearly all for now. It has been nice having you with us, and we hope you will come again, not once, but many times.

Only because of our great love for you, we would like to take this parting opportunity of mentioning one small matter which we have very much at heart.”

Leslie Charteris, The First Saint Omnibus (1939)

Leslie Charteris founded The Saint Club in 1936 and it is still going strong more than seventy years later. Simon Templar is, of course, the President of the Club, with Leslie Charteris being the Vice-President until his death in 1993, when he was succeeded by Roger Moore, Ian Ogilvy and Simon Dutton. Club dues are £30.00 for a lifetime membership, or £3.50 for an annual subscription. All proceeds from the membership fees and the sale of merchandise go to charities nominated by our Vice-Presidents.

Andrew Clarke, Felix Marten, George Sanders, Hugh Sinclair, Ian Ogilvy and Jean Marais
Some of the few saints who’ve been and gone over the years.